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Social Responsibility

Η ΕΔΕΣΜΑ ΑΕΒΕ έχει την φήμη της εταιρίας με ποιοτικά αναβαθμισμένα προϊόντα

Our company embraces the social responsibility it has towards the people and the community in which we live and operate. “AMVROSIA, Ltd” provides support for a range of charitable and community initiatives whenever it is required. In so doing, we make an active contribution to alleviating social problems and supporting vulnerable groups by undertaking actions such as:

  • providing products to the Food Bank to meet the basic needs of vulnerable groups
  • sponsoring and supporting the volunteer activities of the Arogi relief organisation.
  • donating products to municipalities and parishes to support public benefit projects they undertake.
  • providing financial support to groups and associations for the development and enhancement of their cultural activities/agendas.
  • maintaining a policy of staff retention and providing a safe work environment.

By demonstrating its social sensitivity and loyalty to business ethics that set it apart through its every action, “AMVROSIA, Ltd” aims at long-term, sustainable growth and success.

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