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Η ΕΔΕΣΜΑ ΑΕΒΕ έχει την φήμη της εταιρίας με ποιοτικά αναβαθμισμένα προϊόντα

The unique quality and flavour of “AMVROSIA, Ltd” products has been achieved through the adoption and enforcement of the latest and most demanding quality and food safety control systems at all stages of the production process. We adhere to the following standards:

  • HACCP Health Operation Manual
  • ISO 22000 Product Quality Certification
  • International Food Standard (IFS) Manual for upgraded quality of operations (essential for exports to Western Europe)
  • State-of-the-art Quality Control laboratory (located on-site) for microbiological and physio-chemical testing, carried out by fully trained scientific staff.
  • BRC (British Certificate) quality certificate necessary for exporting in the UK.
  • Computerised traceability system to monitor the origin of raw materials and their progress from the production stage to the final consumer. The system ensures the ability to recall a product to safeguard consumer safety.
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